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Pond & Water Garden Thermometer Koi Medic Salinity Meter Electrionic pH/Temperature Pen PondCare Master Liquid Test Kit
EasyPro Pond & Water Garden Thermometer
  • Can be used as a floating thermometer (with cap on) or sinking (with cap off)
  • Made from ABS plastic and shatterproof lens, reads in both F and C
  • 3' cord included
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  • EasyPro Koi Medic Salinity meter EasyPro Hanna Electronic pH/temperature pen EasyPro master liquid test kit Microbe-Lift Ammonia
    Test Strips PondCare Liquid pH
    Test Kit Phosphate Test Kit MICROBE-LIFT Ammonia Test Strips EasyPro liquid pH test kit EasyPro Phosphate test kit


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