Fountain Pump and Supply
amercian pond jr800 211gph fountain pump

We are now introducing our own American Pond brand of submersible fountain pumps. The pumps range from 40 GPH to 925 GPH. The smaller American Pond pumps are perfect for outdoor fountain and statuary uses while the larger pumps come with longer 15 foot cords and can be used for Ponds and larger water features. Each pump comes with a 1 year warranty.

American Pond JR800 Submersible Fountain Pump Specs:

Best suited for water projects less than 46" in height

  • Flow Rate: 211 GPH
  • Dimensions: 2 23/32" x 1 3/4" x 2 13/32"
  • 6' ft. Heavy Duty 3-Prong Power Cord
  • Outlet - 5/16" and 1/2" Fittings Included
  • Power: 13.9 Watts
  • ZERO FLOW HEIGHT is the height at which pump flow falls to zero GPH.

Single APJR800 Fountain Pump

Price: $22.99
Instock: Yes

Case of 6 APJR800 Fountain Pumps

Price: $132.48
Instock: Yes

Case of 12 APJR800 Fountain Pump

Price: $253.92
Instock: Yes

Case of 24 APJR800 Fountain Pump

Price: $496.56
Instock: Yes
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