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Fountain making is easy with our submersible fountain pumps and fountain making supplies! We also sell pond pumps and waterfall pumps, firestone pond liner and backyard pond kits. For over 5 years we have offered fountain pumps and fountain supplies to our US and Canada fountain making customers. If you are looking for a water garden pump, indoor fountain pump, table top fountain pump, or any other type of submersible fountain, pond pump or waterfall pump or fountain supply then we have just what you need.

All of our submersible fountain pumps include a full factory warranty and feature such brands as Little Giant, Danner, Aqua Top, and Fountain Pro pumps.

FREE Consultation is always available to our fountain making customers. The fountain pump and fountain supply links below will assist you in the selection of just the right submersible water pump. Choose from our vast selection of fountain pumps and fountain supplies and start your fountain making project today!

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The Danner Submersible Fountain Pump and Fountain Pro Pump are our best selling pumps!
American Pond Submersible Drive Pumps
American Pond Submersible Outdoor Fountain Pumps
FP80DC Fountain Pro Submersible Pump
Fountain Pro FP80DC Battery Powered Fountain Pump
Color Changing Pond Lights
Color Changing LED Pond Lighting from Atlantic Water Gardens
Atlantic Brass Wall Spillway Spouts
Atlantic Brass Formal Wall Water Spouts - 2 Styles Available
Photosynthesis Plus Hydroponics
Microbe-Life Hydroponic Plant and Soil Nutrients
Fountain Pumps
Anjon Flood Pump - Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pumps

Free Shipping
Formal Waterfall Spillway Scuppers
Atlantic Stainless Steel Waterfall Scuppers
Optional Lighting
EasyPro Stainless Wall Scuppers
EasyPro Stainless Steel Accent Scuppers - 4 Styles Available
American Pond Freedom Series Waterfall Kits
Do It Yourself Back Yard Pond Kits

Free Shipping
Atlantic TidalWave3 Pump
Atlantic Tidwalwave3 TT-Series Waterfall Pump - Ultra Efficient
23 inch Cabrio Light Strip
EasyPro Cabrio Color Changing Lights
and Complete Kits
UWD23 Waterfall Spillway Diffuser
EasyPro Waterfall Diffusers